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Grassroots Friday - Issue #30

Andy Bakker
Andy Bakker
We’re starting to have a little fun over here. Things are getting busy.
Tomorrow marks a month until the primary.
Mail-in ballots are out and early voting has started (in all but a few jurisdictions like Chicago where they still can’t figure out who to list).
The reason that matters is the policies Governor Pritzker and legislative democrats have pursued are hurting Illinois families.
Illinois Democrats have
  • Doubled the Gas Tax: You pay more every time you fill up (“Pritzker’s $41.5 billion capital plan doubles gas tax”)
  • Defunded and Demoralized the Police: Making our neighborhoods less safe
  • Opposed School Improvement Program: Preventing kids from getting the best education
  • Tried to give Power to Corrupt Politicians: Ignoring your voice and your interests
We’ll be rolling out engagement and advocacy programs in the next few weeks to make sure that Illinoisans know the truth.
Thank you so much everybody for fighting through the rain over the past few weeks, and still beating our production from the week before. That was a gutsy Day of Action performance we can be proud of.

Walks Tomorrow (Saturday, 5/28)
Central Illinois
Metro East
Southern Illinois
Line up for the Herrinfesta Italiana Grand Parade at 10:00 AM in the middle school parking lot with a walk to follow.
From the Blog
Self-Indulgent Celebration - Illinois Opportunity Project
Drain the Corruption in Illinois - Illinois Opportunity Project
Job Board
The Illinois Opportunity Project is hiring!
If you’ve ever thought about working in politics or know someone who has, now is a great time to get involved.
We’re going to have a fantastic cycle.
Field Organizer - Job Description - May 2022.docx - Google Docs
Data Director - Job Description - May 2022 - Google Docs
Northwest Suburban Lincoln Day Dinner
Freedom Day Dinner 2022 feat. Dinesh D'Souza
Emmetts Brewing Co Event - Safe Suburbs USA
Thank you everyone! Have a wonderful Memorial Day!
Andy Bakker
(773) 937-9309
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Andy Bakker
Andy Bakker @andybakker

Friday roundup of conservative volunteer opportunities and events in Illinois.

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