Grassroots Friday - Issue #40



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Andy Bakker
Andy Bakker
What a whirlwind week.
Our team is off and rolling on these campaigns. We’re now less than 90 days from November 8th.
Just 13 more Saturdays.
That’s plenty of time and no time all at once.
We have an incredible amount of voters to contact.
There are Republicans in this state who don’t vote as often as they should. Maybe they usually only show up in Presidential elections or they only ever showed up for President Trump.
There are swing voters in this state who agree with us on the issues but don’t always pull the lever for our candidates. Maybe they’re horrified by runaway inflation and crime.
The way that we win is by talking with them at their door.
88 days is more than enough time to burn out though.
As we approach one of the great mile markers on the campaign timeline (Republican Day at the State Fair), it’s worth checking in.
A lot of the folks on this newsletter have been grinding since February of 2021 during the legislative session.
We’re all tired. Make sure that you’re taking care of yourself, watching energy levels, and mental states.
Campaigning is hard. Engaging with the process is hard. We do it because these issues and candidates are important to us. We love our state and our country.
We need everybody to make it through these last 13 weeks and beyond.
That’s what movement building is really about.

Walks this Weekend
Jack Vrett
Opportunity knocks -- and so do we! This is a grass roots campaign, and our common-sense message resonates with our neighbors who are frustrated with irresponsible policies trashing our economy and spiking crime in Chicago. Please join us Saturday to knock on doors! #votevrett
Bailey Barnstorm
Bailey Barnstorm - Swansea
The first Bailey Barnstorm is Tuesday, August 18th! We’ll be holding these trainings across the state over the next few weeks.
Pekau Volunteer Appreciation Event
The Pekau for Congress campaign will be hosting a volunteer appreciation event on August 27th at the new campaign office in Orland Park.
2022 Bud Billiken Parade Bailey/Trussell Volunteer Signup
Illinois LiberTEA Fest 2022 - Illinois Family Institute
Black Conservative Summit in Chicago - 9/8/22 - 9/10/22
Public Safety Awards Breakfast - Safe Suburbs USA
IFI Annual Banquet - Illinois Family Institute
Have a great weekend everybody.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out directly. I love having conversations about how best to get involved.
Andy Bakker
(773) 937-9309
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Andy Bakker
Andy Bakker @andybakker

Friday roundup of conservative volunteer opportunities and events in Illinois.

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