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Grassroots Friday - Issue #41

Andy Bakker
Andy Bakker
I was driving home from a Bailey Barnstorm event in St. Clair County earlier this week listening to the Cubs game when Pat and Ron were talking about August.
For them and for major league ball players, they said, this is the time of the year when it really starts to feel like a long season.
I can feel that on the campaign trail.
Republican Day at the State Fair is a great landmark we can point to on the calendar when the days start to run together. We’re almost to Labor Day but not quite yet.
What Ron Coomer pointed out on that broadcast was that this is the time of year when ballplayers can really set themselves apart.
If you’re able to bring the energy and show up everyday, you can make big gains off of the people who can’t.
That’s our job right now. Keep showing up. Keep putting in the work every single day because this is when winners are made.
Our teams of volunteers are on the doors this weekend (even on the south side of Chicago 👀). I’m back on the road on Monday.
We know hard work. We’re Republicans. Let’s make up some ground on these Democrats in the dog days of summer.

Walks this Weekend
Bailey Barnstorms
Packed house in St. Clair County earlier this week.
Packed house in St. Clair County earlier this week.
Bailey Barnstorm - Marion
Bailey Barnstorm - Springfield
From the Blog
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Stamp Act PAC - Meeting Monday at Whitetail at 7pm
Jack Vrett
Please join Rose Marie and me for a meet & greet and fundraising event on August 30, 2022 at Peggy Kinnane's Irish Restaurant & Pub in downtown Arlington Heights! Tickets:
Black Conservative Summit in Chicago - 9/8/22 - 9/10/22
Illinois LiberTEA Fest 2022 - Illinois Family Institute
Public Safety Awards Breakfast - Safe Suburbs USA
St. Clair County Reagan Day Dinner — Anedot
IFI Annual Banquet - Illinois Family Institute
Let’s get after it.
Andy Bakker
(773) 937-9309
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Andy Bakker
Andy Bakker @andybakker

Friday roundup of conservative volunteer opportunities and events in Illinois.

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