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Grassroots Friday - Issue #43

Andy Bakker
Andy Bakker
September is here!
Labor Day weekend is the traditional start of the campaign season and I am so glad to be here.
Y'all it’s been a long road from grassroots lobbying against JCAR teaching standards last February. August can feel like the doldrums but we’re here and ready to be relentless for the rest of the way.
This is also the time when the distractions pick up.
There’s a national media narrative that Republicans are sliding.
There are polls in this state that aren’t anywhere close to the data we’re generating at the doors.
As these narratives are put forth, and the attacks pick up, our job is to keep our eyes on the ball.
Our job is to keep to talking to voters about the issues that matter to them. Based on the data we have, that’s taxes, economy/inflation, and crime.
Don’t take the bait.

Earth, Wind & Fire - September (Official HD Video)
Tomorrow's Walks
Bailey Phone Banking Training (Zoom)
Bailey Phone Banking Training
From the Blog
Illinois' Higher Education Racket - Illinois Opportunity Project
Antioch Republicans
Antioch Republicans
Public Safety Awards Breakfast - Safe Suburbs USA
Fall Freedom Fest: Presented by Stamp Act Pac and the Kendall County Republicans
IFI Annual Banquet - Illinois Family Institute
Have a fantastic Labor Day weekend everybody.
This is usually the time of the year when I remind my staff and volunteers how important it is to take care of ourselves.
Everything from doctors’ and dentists’ appointments to oil changes, to staying on top of our laundry make a huge difference as we attack these last 67 days.
We want everybody to make it to the finish line with us.
Andy Bakker
(773) 937-9309
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Andy Bakker
Andy Bakker @andybakker

Friday roundup of conservative volunteer opportunities and events in Illinois.

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